Tool making

Toolmaking has a very special role within our business. This could be because our founder, Gerard van de Leegte, ventured into self-employment as a toolmaker back in 1957. Even though that business, GL Precision, was sold to the VDL Group in 2015, the art of toolmaking is still firmly embedded in our DNA.

Although we no longer design and make moulds ourselves, our project engineers all have experience as mould designers. With this experience behind them, they are well-balanced brainstorming partners for our external toolmakers. You can read more about the process from mould development to production on our Mould construction and Approval pages. There you can read how each mould that arrives at our plant in Son undergoes a rigorous ‘intake’ inspection by departments including our toolmaking department.

Maintenance and cleaning

Moulds are production tools that are used in the long term, so it’s important that they are handled with great care. Our experienced toolmakers subject all moulds to preventative maintenance at regular intervals. In addition, all moulds are cleaned after an intensive production run before being stored in a fireproof mould safe. This way, we’re always ready for the next production run.

If a mould has sustained damage and the repairs can’t be carried out internally, we have a variety of local partners whom we can call upon to support us. We will always request a cost indication beforehand and discuss this with the customer so as to avoid any unnecessary surprises.

Would you like to learn more about how our toolmakers take care of your investment? Please get in touch so that we can schedule a site visit.