2K injection molding

2K injection molding: product injection molding with 2 different  plastic materials or 2 colours : efficient and economical

For certain products we need 2 injection steps for injection moulding. We call this 2K injection moulding. With 2K injection moulding, two materials with different properties, colours or levels of hardness are processed into one end product in one injection moulding process. This saves costs.

With the 2K technique a possible assembly step is prevented. The choice for a 2K or 2-component injection moulding process is primarily based on a cost advantages, design features or aesthetic preferences.


Different applications for 2k injection molding

2K injection moulding is perfect for combinations of hard and soft plastics and also if you want to process 2 colours of plastic in one product.

Examples of 2K injection moulding are products made from a hard plastic with a 2nd soft plastic edge that serves as a seal (for instance a lid-seal ). With the 2K injection moulding technique we produce complete products in 2 steps. Well-known examples are  bicycle handlebar grips, toothbrushes with a hard handle and a soft handle piece , control buttons, anti-slip applications etc.

2k injection moulding in practical applications: Special moulds with 2 product cavities

We build molds with 2 product cavities for this type  of injection moulding. During the production process we inject plastic into one cavity of the mould. Once that has hardened, the mould rotates and we inject plastic into the other cavity,  against the product that was formed in the first cavity.

The benefits of 2k injection moulding

With 2K injection melding, we can inject a plastic into the mild with one or more separate injections. This gives a very precise split line between the different materials, such as the difference in hardness of material or a difference in colour  etc.


The 2K injection moulding technique can be more attractive from an aesthetic point of view because the 2 components fit together seamlessly as  product can be made in 2 colours (2K) in one production process.

Save costs

Because the 2K technology assembles assembly steps together into one injection moulding process, the cost price of your product is often lower.

User-compliant and tailor made  products

The practical use is an important aspect in product development. Hard plastic is not always user-friendly. It is then possible to finish the product with softer edges or a complete soft plastic cover, which increases user comfort.  When producing a soft seal in the second shot, products can be made fit for use in watertight applications etc.

The disadvantages of 2K

The one-time investment costs of 2k injection moulding are a bit more expensive when compared  with  a single stage injection moulding process. However, these costs are in most cases quickly recovered because assembly steps and hand labour can be eliminated.

Not all plastic combinations are possible because some plastics do not adhere sufficiently to each other.

VDL GL Plastics, your injection molding partner and market leader  for 2K injection mouldings

2K injection moulding offers many advantages with regard to more complex products compared to single injection moulding. It helps effectively reduce costs, reduce assembly time, combine material properties and make a strong connection between materials.

We will gladly calculate for you whether 2k injection moulding is the right solution for you,  or if  another option of injection moulding is more suitable for your products.

VDL GL Plastics is happy to advise you as a strong 2K injection moulding partner. Both when selecting the suitable materials and when determining the optimum processing method. In this way we ensure that the end product exactly meets or exceeds  your expectations.