Medical injection molding

The medical industry, like the automotive industry, is characterized as a demanding industry where traceability is a hugely important aspect within the complete chain. With our calibrated quality system, we are a reliable partner for the mostly global players in this industry.

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What we injection mold for the medical industry

For one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, we produce a semi-finished product consisting of four small parts. Two parts are complex metal-plastic combinations. Small, high-precision metal contacts are placed in the mold, then the plastic injection molded product is overmolded with an engineering plastic.

After all four parts are manufactured, they are assembled and shipped to the end customer's Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) partners. The final final assembly of the Hand held Diagnostic Device takes place at the end customer's facility. This Hand held device enables patients and physicians worldwide to diagnose blood for anticoagulation levels.


Medical injection molding at VDL GL Plastics

Injection molding for the medical industry requires specific expertise. The plastic injection molded products for this industry often contain complex metal-plastic combinations with very precise dimensions. At VDL GL Plastics, we are used to being involved from the very beginning of a project. We look at the manufacturability of the product and make recommendations for the most suitable technical plastic. Important, because you are dealing with technical specifications.

Continuous quality

At VDL GL Plastics, every component is developed and produced in-house. In this way, quality is continuously guaranteed. At any moment of the day there is someone present who can perform measurements on a product. Think for example of our Quality Engineers, but also the team leaders are responsible for this. This allows for immediate switching and your plastic injection molded product is monitored even at night. In addition, our extensive measuring room houses eight state-of-the art measuring machines that perform extreme precision work. Thanks to automation of the production process, customer downtime is excluded.

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Are you working in the medical industry and want to realize a complex plastic injection molded product? Then please contact VDL GL Plastics. We will gladly take you through the various possibilities of medical injection molding.