Design for manufacturing

When your company is developing a new product, we advise you to use our expertise already in an early stage. Together with you we can translate your productdesign(s) to an injection moulded product that is ready for production.

Design for manufacturing

We also refer to this process as Design for manufacturing. During this phase we evaluate the manufacturability of your productdesign and advise, where required, to modify it. This advise can differ from adding required drafts in the product, or finding the optimum length/width balance for a smooth meltflow up to creating ribs perpendicular to a wall to reduce the amount of material without losing robustness, or eliminating undesired undercuts. In short, we look into all aspects of the design that eventually contribute to an optimum production process.

The experience has learned us that the time that we invest in this phase will eventually pay for itself during the development of the mould and the productionof your parts. Therefore, we consider this as an essential part of our job.

Choice of material

Another very important aspect during the development of your new product is the choice of material. The offering of different types of plastics is enormous. The petrochemical industry has succeeded in developing an unique polymer for almost each application. Take for example Sabic, who has no less than 99 different variants of polycarbonate. Which is good of course, but it makes your search for the perfect fit for your application not easier. For this search you can also count on us as your partner.

The requirements of the product that you and your customers have, will be our starting point. Aspects such as UV-resistanceimpact resistanceflame retardance or for example the temperatures in which the product should operate, are crucial to know when selecting the right material. Thanks to our broad experience in the injection moulding of a large variety of materials, we will always find a material that fits to your needs perfectly. And, if you already choose a certain material, we will nevertheless check if there are potential alternatives that are, for example, available at a lower price.

When we together have translated your design to a good manufacturable product and the perfect material for it has been selected, we can start developing the mould.

Want to learn more?

Do you want to learn how Design for Manufacturing can be beneficial for you? Please feel free to reach out to us and we are happy to answer all your questions.