Sustainability at VDL GL Plastics

At VDL GL Plastics, we invest in more than just creating plastic products. rethink-transpa-black_YXJfMjUweDI5Ml9kXzFfcG5nXy9fYXNzZXQvX3B1YmxpYy9kdXVyemFhbWhlaWQ_b1cea6f8.png Corporate Social Responsibility is at the core of all of activities, and we understand the importance of people, the environment, and society. You’ll find that sustainability is a recurring focus throughout VDL GL Plastics, and to help us, we have broken it down into three main topics:

  • Smart design
  • Sustainable production
  • Reducing materials
Smart design

When we develop our products, we endeavour to minimize our impact on the environment. As an example, we have succeeded in developing a lightweight GL grid using recycled streams of bottle tops to help provide soil reinforcement. This sustainable solution works better in nature, as it helps to preserve the habitat of micro-organisms, protects the roots of plants and trees, and allows rainwater through. Other examples of sustainably designed products are:

  • The production of displays using post-consumer recycled ABS, resulting in reduced CO2 emissions
  • The development of products from bio-plastics (plastic made from natural products)

Sustainable production
The number of ways in which we produce sustainably at VDL GL Plastics is also wide and varied. We use the water returned from our machinery fleet’s cooling system to supply the underfloor heating in the warehouse. We’ve also replaced much of our hydraulic machinery with electrical machinery. Plus, we use granulate from old, recycled television housings for the plastic reel that is used as packaging for one of our customers.

Reducing materials
We also consider waste reduction an important topic, and this focus helps us to minimize our impact on the environment. We capture waste during production and feed it back into the process to be combined with virgin material. We also supply a number of materials and waste materials to recycling firms.

Are you interested in what more we can do in terms of sustainability? Please get in touch so that we can tell you more about it.

The following is just a small selection of the many sustainable initiatives that we have turned into reality.