Seven reasons to choose VDL GL Plastics for the production of your plastic injection molding product

VDL GL Plastics is a plastic injection molding specialist that gives you peace of mind when it comes to your injection molding product. We have been doing it for more than 30 years from the technical heart of Europe – Eindhoven in the Netherlands.
We would like to explain why we are convinced that VDL GL Plastics is your partner when it comes to plastic injection molding.

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1. Quality paramount

At VDL GL Plastics, we face challenges head on. In fact, we grab hold of them with both hands. Over the years, we have worked with many renowned, international businesses in divergent markets, for whom accuracy and consistent quality are essential. We guarantee this with our IATF and ISO certified quality systems. In our measurement chamber, we run a range of state-of-the-art machines that ensure that fine tolerances, down to just micrometres, are closely adhered to. In the production process too, VDL GL Plastics stands out for its ability to work to small tolerances and complex shapes.

2. An eye for efficient, cost-effective production

VDL GL Plastics has extensive knowledge of material properties during processing and use, as well as the injection molding process. By introducing this knowledge into practice during the final stages of design for manufacturing, we can ensure that your product is produced as cost-effectively as possible. Our experience has shown us that a minor adjustment can have a major influence on the cost price, as well as on the productivity of your product. At VDL GL Plastics, the ideal price/quality ratio is always the point at which we start.

3. Guidance from A to Z

VDL GL Plastics is more than just a manufacturing company. After the production, of technical semi-finished products, we take care of the assembly, storage, and delivery of your plastic injection molding product. This way, we can keep a close eye on the process to ensure that you receive the product you asked for.

4. Always a customized solution

Over the years, we have specialized in a divergent range of injection molding methods. We are the foremost expert when it comes to insert molding and overmolding, in mold labelling and two-component injection molding. The weight of the parts varies from nearly 0 g to 4 kg. That way, we can always offer a solution that matches the requirements of your product and demand. 

5. Global reliability of supply

Our plant, which accommodates more than 40 machines, is fully automated and operates around the clock. This means that we have the capacity to accomplish series volumes of a few thousand to millions of units per year, for all of our clients worldwide. Our logistics department plays a crucial role in our operations. To ensure that your products can leave as soon as production is completed, we always match production batch sizes to your minimal call-off quantity. This way, we are able to offer a lead time of three to four weeks, from order to delivery. If you need a shorter lead time, do not worry, VDL GL Plastics can do it! For a surcharge, we can offer a lead time of just one to two days within the Netherlands.

6. Working with a global network of professional mold builders

When it comes to developing and producing molds, we work with a fixed network of professional partners in the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, and China. To be able to give our clients the very best quality, we regularly audit all of our mold makers. We also closely monitor the quality of the final mold designs. Your product requirements, budget level, and anticipated annual volumes all help to determine which mold maker is most suitable. 

7. A sustainable partner

Corporate Social Responsibility underpins each and every one of our activities, thus helping VDL GL Plastics to contribute to a better world. Read more about our endeavours in smart design, sustainable production, and material reduction.

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