HVAC/building technologies

The climate control and air quality market, better known internationally as HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) is a market that perfectly matches the competencies of our company. On the one hand, our company has extensive experience in the injection molding of (large) vision products, such as the housings of boilers, air conditioning systems and thermostats. On the other hand, our company is also active in the production of technical parts that are mostly found within the housing of boilers, thermostats and heat pumps.

In this market, we work for a number of highly reputable brands, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Compared to the automotive industry, for example, the volumes in this market are generally smaller. We respond to this by offering smaller series sizes.

In addition to the injection molding of parts, we also provide assembly work. By putting together various components, we deliver a semi-finished product to the end customer.

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