In mould labelling: injection moulding and decorating

For in mould labelling, we place printed plastic foil in the mould. The foil has an electrostatic charge and attaches to the mould wall. The plastic foil will be part of the plastic after injection moulding and cannot be removed. The result is scratch-proof and perfect for safety instructions, for example.

Applying labels and injection moulding in one step

An important benefit of in mould labelling is the favourable price with respect to printing or labelling. Furthermore, the technique offers more options. In mould labelling makes it easy to fully cover a surface, work in full-colour or add 3D effects.

Affordable and reliable solution

Thanks to in mould labelling, your products no longer have to go to a printer or lettering artist. This saves considerably on costs and the chance of failure is also smaller.

A professional look with in mould labelling

Do you want to give your plastic products a professional look and feel? We would like to tell you more about the possibilities of in mould labelling during a personal meeting. Contact us for an appointment.