Injection molding at VDL GL Plastics

VDL GL Plastics helps to shape your technical semi-manufactured products or visual products by injection molding thermoplastics. To do this, we use moulds of the very highest quality. Every year, we injection mould hundreds of different products, varying in batch sizes from a few thousand to millions of units. The product weight ranges from around 0 g to as much as 4,000 g. We do not work with comfort zones. For us, no challenge is too great.

What are the benefits of injection molding?

But why opt for injection molding over an alternative method, such as rotational molding, thermoforming, extrusion blow-molding, or rapid prototyping? What are the main benefits of injection molding? We will outline them here for you!

One of the most important reasons that so many businesses opt for injection molding is the time and cost effectiveness. It takes just one mould to easily make several components, which makes mass production a real possibility in a relatively short period of time. In addition, there is no refinishing once the product leaves the mould, which is something that is often required by other methods.

Another benefit of injection molding is the option to merge multiple plastics into a single product or semi-finished product. This can be done with the two-component injection molding method. Adding different materials gives you more opportunity to shape your product, as every type of plastic has its own unique properties. Since the range of plastics available is so comprehensive, plastics can even be used as a replacement for other more expensive materials.

Injection molding allows you to add strengthening materials to the plastic to help make the product stronger during the injection molding process. The end result is a product that will remain durable into the future.

Injection molding allows you to produce simple as well as highly complex, detailed products. Extreme pressure is exerted in the mould during injection molding, which causes the thermoplastic to be pressed firmly against the surface of the mould. This allows you to create complex shapes and add in lots of details. You could see it as a stamp – the harder you press the stamp onto the paper, the more details you will ultimately be able to see.

A final benefit of injection molding is that it is carried out by machines. Consequently, human error cannot influence the end result, helping to keep the costs of production low. An additional benefit is that all end products are identical. 

Different injection molding methods 

VDL GL Plastics is a real all-rounder, and over the years, we have specialized in a divergent range of injection molding methods. This means that we always have a solution for your product. We are true masters in: plastic injection molding, two-component injection moldinginsert moldingreel to reelstrip molding, and in mould labelling

Total solutions provider 

VDL GL Plastics looks beyond the mould, its construction, and the product. In fact, you can trust our expertise well before the injection molding process even starts. We would be happy to assist with your product design. During this preliminary phase, we can work with you to perfect your design so that it is suitable for production. We will also take care of assembly, storage, and delivery of your product. 

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