Reel-to-reel moulding: covering metal strips

We are specialised in reel-to-reel moulding in which we cover metal strips with plastic product. To this end, we developed special equipment that makes this process possible with the help of special moulds. Reel-to-reel moulding allows us to injection mould metal-plastic combinations in one step.

Back on the reel after injection moulding

We use metal strips on reels for reel-to-reel moulding. The machines unwind these reels after which they go through the mould for injection moulding. Afterwards, the machines wind the products back onto the reel and are sent to the customer.

Reel to reel molding at VDL GL Plastics

Precision matters in reel-to-reel moulding

The injection moulding machines accurately injection mould on the strip on an meticulously oriented position. As a result, our customers can immediately use the reels in their own production process.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of insert moulding?

We are very experienced with insert moulding and can quickly inform you of the possibilities and impossibilities for your product. Please contact us and we will be glad to tell you more about this injection moulding method.