Strip moulding: injection moulding on a strip

Strip moulding is injection moulding in which the supply is done through a (metal) strip. After injection moulding, the products will not be wound onto a reel. For strip moulding, they are cut separately or provided in specific lengths. Using this technique, we injection mould metal-plastic combinations in one step.

Covering metal strips

Strip moulding is comparable to reel-to-reel moulding. The metal strip is fed through the mould from the reel. Here, the strip is covered in plastic and then cut or shortened. The supply for the strip is done by means of the in-house developed feeding & guiding system.

Accurate results

Our machines injection mould accurately on the strip. We use cameras to measure the plastic’s position and perform quality control on the products.

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Strip molding at VDL GL Plastics