The Automotive Industry has been a very important market for our company for decades. To be active in this demanding industry, you need to be certified according to the IATF 16949 standard (former TS-16949 standard). Characteristic of the IATF 16949 certification is the pursuit of Zero Defect, Continuous Improvement and Waste Reduction. As a certified company, we supply high-quality plastic injection molded parts to some of the largest Tier One Suppliers in the market. Through these global suppliers, our products eventually end up in all of the world's renowned automotive brands.


The plastic overmoulding of sensors and metal contacts is one of our competencies for this market. Because the process is automated and each product is thoroughly checked for compliance with specifications by means of Camera Vision Control, customer failure is excluded.

Some of the applications (products) are:

  • Wheel Speed Sensor (ABS Sensors)
  • Chassis Position Sensor
  • Battery clamp

Preliminary process
The process up to the Start of Production (SOP) is very extensive and can be time-consuming. We are used to our customers involving us in their projects at an early stage. Together with them, we look at the manufacturability of a product (DFM) and make recommendations in this regard. We also take the lead in the development and production of the necessary molds.

Furthermore, we also look directly at the possibilities of automation. Because an Automotive project is often characterized by high production volumes, it pays to invest in automation. The payback time of this initial investment can often be realized within the first year of production.

From PPAP to 8D
Once all production equipment in installed and programmed, we start testing until the production cell is ready for the Production Parts Approval Process (PPAP). The purpose of the PPAP process is to ensure that the design and manufacturing processes meet the design specifications and that the manufacturing process has the potential to produce these products consistently, down the line.

For the purpose of quality, we establish a control plan based on your requirements and our FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis). With advanced measurement equipment, a good picture can be made at each stage through MSA (Measurement System Analysis), CPK and measurement reports. In case of deviations, we analyze the cause according to the 8D method.

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