Mould Design

After we have modified your productdesign, where required, during the DFM-phase, we can then order the production tools. Regarding the development and production of the tooling we have a vast base of professional toolmakers in our home country and abroad. Generally speaking we buy our tools in The Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal or China. It goes without saying that we (have) audit(ed) our toolmakers on a periodic basis. Without having visited and audited a toolmaker we will never award one with a project.

The selection of the toolmaker for your project can depend on multiple aspects, such as the required precision of the parts, the expected annual volume and/or for example the height of the budget.

Mould flow

Before designing and building the injection moulding tool, we always recommend to simulate the injection moulding of your product with a mould Flow. Obviously we can take care of this. Based on this simulation we can better judge whether the gating is positioned on the best location and if the method of injection is indeed leading to the desired melt flow. Furthermore, a mould flow should also be a confirmation of the correctness of the decisions we made during the DFM-phase.

Development and production tool

Before the toolmaker actually starts with cutting into the steel (or aluminium for a pilot tool for example) he needs to have our approval of the tool design. Matters such as cooling, venting, deforming and the way of ejection are carefully evaluated. After all, proper cooling will have a positive effect on the cycle time and thus on the piece price.

After having received our mandatory design approval, the toolmaker can start with the production. During the production one of our Project Engineers will keep you updated on the progress of the project. As soon as the mould is finished the toolmaker will initiate a first pilot-moulding. The first parts that are produced with the new tool, so-called FOT’s (First Out of Tool) are carefully judged and measured by the toolmaker. When needed they can immediately initiate an optimization. Because our aim is always to receive perfect parts that are according to specification, both visually as well as dimensionally. As soon as the FOT’s are sent to us, we will judge the parts together with you.

As soon as the FOT’s are approved, we will release the mould.

Want to know more?

Do you want to know more about our possibilities regarding mould design and mould production? Please feel free to reach out to us and we are happy to answer all your questions.